My 7 year old son wanted to join the class and so I thought I might as well join in too, rather than hang round for an hour waiting for him. I didn't think too much about what I was letting myself in for but, at the grand old age of 42, find that I am loving it! The class has a really nice atmosphere,  Marcus is a great teacher, and the other students have been very friendly even though I am a fair bit older than most of them. I was vaguely fit before I started, doing regular swimming and cycling, but it is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I would definitely encourage other adults to have a go. I am now looking forward to my first grading in January!


AP (Dec 2012)

Charlie has been practicing Tae-kwon-Do twice a week for eight months now & he still wants to continue to keep on earning his belts.  Marcus is really supportive, it's a great atmosphere & Charlie loves it.  Thank you Marcus!

Mrs Emily Keeble


The lessons are really fun & you can pick up all the moves really quickly, but overall it's just really fun.

Charlie (age 9)